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This historic business district has been serving South Tacoma's needs for generations and you can find almost any type of merchandise or service business within a few blocks, on either side of South Tacoma Way between 35th and 66th street.


The South Tacoma Business District has long been meeting the needs of people on the go and this business district is regionally famous for its Auto Row and specialty automotive shops.

While wheeled transportation may be king, the South Tacoma Business District takes care of their pedestrian customers as well. With the specially installed pedestrian crosswalk lights, and one of the best collections of public art in the city, everyone will enjoy a stroll through the South Tacoma Business District while they look for that special item.


Originally formed around the old Northern Pacific Railroad, the South Tacoma Business District has become home to a new Sounder Commuter Rail Station. Although this business district will continue on as a transportation hub of the city, you can still find diverse restaurants, and shopping for anything from special antiques to paint colors. You name it and South Tacoma can provide it.


From custom T-Shirt printing to home security, ballet and dance lessons to family restaurants, the South Tacoma Business District has it all. So don't worry, come and stay a while because there is something for everyone in this uniquely developed area.


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Asia Pacific Cultural Center parking lot

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